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Advanced Technology

Contactless Payments

Make payments, secure logins, access your home, car, and more without needing to charge. Make smart products with Apex.

Subdermal Security

The Apex Flex subdermal security key enables TOTP, U2F, MFA, 2FA, HMAC, PGP, BIP32 wallets and more. Upgrade with Apex.

Tesla Keycard

VivoKey Apex enabled products can now be registered as a keycard with your Tesla 3, Y, *S, or *X. Go keyless! *2022 or later models.

The VivoKey Apex enables brands to easily supercharge their products with powerful contactless features like payments (like Apple Pay), Tesla car key registration, security key authentication, smartphone NFC data sharing, OpenPGP, multi-factor factor authenticators, and more.

“VivoKey gives your product magical powers.”

Joe Prencipe - CEO, Cybernetic


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