The key to your digital future.

Advanced Digital Security

Apex Ring

Make payments, secure logins, access your home, car, and more with our batteryless smart ring that requires no charging!

Subdermal Security

Always have your TOTP, U2F, MFA, 2FA, HMAC, PGP, BIP32 wallets and more with our Apex Flex subdermal security key.

Tesla Keycard

VivoKey Apex products can now be registered as a keycard with your Tesla 3, Y, *S, or *X. Go keyless! *2022 or later models.

✓ Comfortable

Apex Ring comes in sizes 5 to 13 with a wide bevel cut to fit comfortably on your finger.

✓ Durable

With an IP-67 rating against dirt and water, your Apex Ring is safe even while swimming.

✓ No battery

Hassle free ISO14443A NFC communication means there’s no battery to keep charged.


Your payment, login, security token,
tesla key, do everything smart ring.

Apex Flex: biotech + cybersec

Subdermal technology has the potential to solve so many problems. We're starting with secure digital identity.

The Apex Flex is a subdermal security key that can run multiple security and identity applications such as OpenPGP, multi-factor factor authenticators, OTP code generators, FIDO2 tokens, and more. With so many potential applications like portable medical records, international passport data, and eID identification, the future is bright with VivoKey Apex Flex.

“Your digital identity should not be abdicated to your phone or computer.”

Amal Graafstra, CEO


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