We develop innovative, high impact, ethically intelligent wearable and subdermal devices designed to improve safety, security, and quality of life.

Piloted by people who are passionate about technology, VivoKey is uniquely positioned to create safe, secure, and sensible solutions. With over 20+ years in the medical device and consumer hardware industry, our team is working hard to bring new innovations and solutions that will improve safety, security, and quality of life for millions of people all over the world.


Identity Access Management (IAM)

Patient Identity / EHR / Portable Records

Authentication and password management

IdP identity provider and single sign-on

Personal data security and encryption


FIDO2 & U2F security / identity

Cryptocurrency wallet and key recovery

Connected Car and Tesla keycard emulation

OTP / HMAC-SHA1 / 2FA technologies

PGP / PIV / CAC high end cryptography

Our Mission

Creating innovative products based on a secure contactless NFC enabled platform like Apex enables the transition of our digital identities as represented by cryptographic keys, digital wallets, security tokens, password databases, and authentication tools away from vulnerable platforms like phones and computers. Properly managing all of the tokens which represent you online and in the real world is typically quite difficult. Our mission is to create new types of products in new form-factors which are inherently easy to manage, that help ensure you retain control and keep safe your ownership over your digital security and identity. Our product line currently includes wearable solutions like bracelets and rings, as well as subdermal devices for the ultimate in frictionless digital identity and security management.

Our Team