Verify authenticity, no app required!

AuthentiChip is an advanced NFC technology that provides a simple and secure way to verify each and every unique time a person, customer, or event attendee scans an AuthentiChip NFC tag by tapping their smartphone.



How does it work?

Each AuthentiChip is encoded with your own customized URL. When tapped, a unique cryptographic signature is generated and inserted into your URL, then the web browser on the phone is opened to this URL with the signature included. There is no special app needed on the phone. Once your web server detects the signature, it is sent to our secure API which authenticates the tap and confirms the tap, visit, or transaction is authentic.


What can I do with AuthentiChip?

Product Authenticity: Give your customers the power to verify the authenticity of their purchase with just a tap of their smartphone, enhancing trust and customer satisfaction.



Checkpoint & Route Verification: Place AuthentiChip tags at strategic locations or checkpoints that need to be monitored regularly. Personnel, such as maintenance teams or security staff, are required to scan to log their visits. This ensures that all designated areas are checked according to schedule, and provides a timestamped record of each inspection for compliance and reporting purposes.


Geocaching & Scavenger Hunts: Allow players to authenticate their finds with a simple scan, turning physical discovery into verified digital achievements.



Loyalty and Reward Programs: Customers can tap their phones to an AuthentiChip point at a store or event to check in or validate their participation, accumulating points or rewards automatically. Alternatively, customers can be issued an AuthentiChip fob, card, or token and tap this at the loyalty system or point of sale system during checkout.



Personalized Customer Experiences: Retail stores can use AuthentiChip to provide customers with personalized shopping experiences, such as offering customized discounts or recommendations based on previous purchases when they scan in the store.



Ticketing and Event Access: For events and concerts, AuthentiChip can serve as a digital ticket. A tap can grant access and automatically register the attendee.



Entry and Exit Management: AuthentiChip tags at entry and exit points allow for quick and easy check-in and check-out processes, reducing queues and wait times. This helps in managing crowd flow and ensures only registered participants access the event.



Event Engagement Tracking: Attendees can tap their smartphones at booths and exhibits to register their presence and interest. This feature is particularly useful for exhibitors to gather leads and understand attendee engagement levels with their products or services.



Real-Time Analytics and Feedback: Event organizers can access real-time data on attendee movements and interactions. This information is crucial for making on-the-fly adjustments to the event setup, such as redirecting foot traffic to less crowded areas or providing additional support where needed. Furthermore, instant feedback can be collected by having attendees tap NFC tags to rate sessions or services, enhancing future event planning.



Interactive Learning and Museums: Museums and educational institutions can use AuthentiChip to provide additional information about exhibits or to create interactive educational experiences. These experiences can be limited to working inside the event or space by only working with a valid unique scan.



Art Authentication and Provenance: Embed AuthentiChips in artworks to verify authenticity or record of ownership, which can be accessed by museums, galleries, or buyers to verify provenance.



Hospitality: Hotels can use NFC for contactless check-ins, room access, or even for guests to personalize room settings or order services.



Why choose AuthentiChip?

No Recurring Fees: AuthentiChip verification is based on the VivoKey API which is free for everyone to use. There will never be any additional cost to verify AuthentiChip scans.



No Mobile App Required: The power of AuthentiChip means customers, users, attendees, etc. don't need to install any special mobile apps on their smartphones. A simple tap is all it takes.



Enhanced Security: Our chips use advanced encryption to ensure that every scan is unique, secure, and authenticated.



Ease of Integration: AuthentiChip products are customized with your URL and extremely easy to embed into any product, service, or digital platform, offering you flexibility and ease of use.



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AuthentiChip vs NFC Tags vs QR Codes

When choosing a technology for secure data transmission and user interaction at events or in other applications, it's important to understand the distinctions between NFC tags, particularly secure ones like AuthentiChip, and QR codes, as well as standard NFC tags. Here’s a detailed comparison:

1. Security

AuthentiChip NFC Tags:

  • High Security: AuthentiChip tags incorporate advanced cryptographic signature technology which securely signs each read or scan of the data embedded within each chip. These tags are designed to generate a unique signature for every scan, which is then authenticated by our backend system. This process ensures that each interaction is secure, unique, and verified.
  • Tamper-Proof: The data and URL within an AuthentiChip cannot be altered, making it virtually tamper-proof.

Standard NFC Tags:

  • Moderate Security: While standard NFC tags are more secure than QR codes due to the need for proximity during scanning, they do not typically include encryption or signatures. This makes them susceptible to spoofing, where a duplicate tag can be created, or their URLs can be copied, bookmarked, and reloaded at a later time.
  • Vulnerability to Copying: The URLs stored in standard NFC tags can be easily extracted and cloned onto another tag, leading to potential security breaches.

QR Codes:

  • Low Security: QR codes can be copied, photographed, or printed by anyone, leading to a higher risk of fraud.
  • No Encryption: QR codes do not include any form of encryption or data signing, making them vulnerable to interception and misuse.

2. User Interaction and Experience

AuthentiChip NFC Tags:

  • Seamless Experience: Users can simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphones to the AuthentiChip to securely interact, making the process quick and intuitive.
  • No Need for Apps: Unlike QR codes, which often require a camera or a specific app to scan, NFC interactions can be more streamlined with built-in phone capabilities.

Standard NFC Tags:

  • Easy to Use: Like AuthentiChip, standard NFC tags also offer a straightforward user experience with a simple tap. However, the lack of security features can limit their use in applications requiring scan event integrity.

QR Codes:

  • Requires Camera: Scanning QR codes requires a camera and sometimes a specific app, which can interrupt the user experience, especially in environments with poor lighting or with users having older smartphones.
  • Variable Scan Quality: QR codes can suffer from issues related to print quality, size, and damage, which can affect scan reliability.

3. Applications and Flexibility

AuthentiChip NFC Tags:

  • Broad Applications: Ideal for secure environments where data integrity and scan event verification are critical, such as in event management, secure check-ins, and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Standard NFC Tags:

  • General Use: Suitable for general marketing and informational purposes where security and integrity are not priorities.

QR Codes:

  • High Flexibility: Due to their ease of creation and low cost, QR codes are widely used for a variety of purposes, from advertising to quick links to websites, although they offer no security.

In summary, while QR codes offer flexibility and ease of use, they lack the security features necessary for applications where data integrity and secure user interaction are paramount. Standard NFC tags provide a middle ground with a better user experience but still lack the advanced security features of AuthentiChip NFC tags, which are designed to prevent tampering and unauthorized data access.