Cryptographic authenticity

The Spark is a small MRI compatible injectable cryptographic token that works with our Authenticity API. Easily scannable with an NFC smartphone or USB reader, the Spark can be used as a secure identity solution for personal, enterprise, medical, and many other types of applications.


NFC Data Sharing

Spark Actions let's you share data and digital cards with anyone when they tap your spark with their NFC enabled smartphone.

Cryptographic Authenticity

Enable highly secure identity authenticity capabilities for 3rd party applications with our Authenticity API.

Do more with your Spark

Configure your Spark to open websites, send SMS, prefill emails, make calls, and share multiple digital cards with just a tap!


Actions are events that launch when someone scans your Spark with a tap of their NFC enabled phone. You can create actions that can;


    • open a website or URL
    • initiate a phone call
    • prepare a pre-filled SMS message
    • start a new email with pre-populated information
    • create and share social cards, link lists, and more!

Check out what Spark Actions can do for your Spark! Click the button below to learn more.

Professional Spark 2 Installation

Technical Specifications

Spark 1 (discontinued)

  • 13.56MHz ISO15693 NFC Type 5
  • 2.1mm x 12mm injectable cylinder
  • Schott 8625 VivoTag encapsulation
  • AES cryptographic challenge response
  • MRI conditional
  • Injection assembly with chip EO gas sterilized
  • Discontinued 2019

Spark 2

  • 13.56MHz ISO14443A NFC Type 4
  • 2.1mm x 12mm injectable cylinder
  • Schott 8625 VivoTag encapsulation
  • AES mutual auth key verification process
  • MRI conditional / compatible status
  • Injection assembly with chip EO gas sterilized
  • Active product line - no EOL scheduled

Purchase the Spark 2

The Spark 2 is available through our partner, premier biohacking company Dangerous Things.

MRI Advisory

Spark 2 is MRI Conditional

The VivoKey Spark 2 is MR Conditional. A patient with the VivoKey Spark 2 may be safely scanned under the conditions outlined in the MRI Conditional Statement. Testing performed by MRI Safety.